I am finally back to work from my two week trip to Africa and and it was incredible! My cousin and I traveled to several countries in Africa including Tanzania and Kenya, and had so many amazing adventures. We saw countless animals roaming the plains on our safari run to the Ngorongoro Crater and experienced beautiful settings during our lunch breaks. In Kenya we stayed at Larsons Camp at the Samburu Reserve. We met the native Samburu tribe and learned their native traditions and enjoyed our breakfasts in the mornings with some curious little monkeys. 

The migration camp we stayed at had elegant but rustic tents for us. Complete with gorgeous wood floors and well appointed bathrooms plus a wonderful porch to take in the landscape. It was absolutely beautiful and we were so well taken care of. 

On our last day we had a farewell dinner at the Manor in Ngorongoro. Rose petals were arranged in a pattern around the table and long life was spelled out in coffee beans. Everyone we met on this trip was incredible and we learned so much about different cultures and people. I am truly inspired by the adventures I took part in and cannot wait to tie my experience in with my work!


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