Connect to Your Local Hot Spot

Connect to Your Local Hot Spot!

Ginnie Springs, Florida

Connecting your home to one of your favorite outdoor places is a fun trend! One of the most popular attractions close to Gainesville is Ginnie Springs. It is a collection of beautiful natural springs that offer you to go tubing, swimming, or diving. The water is crystal clear and the connection to nature is unlike any other. When tying your space to a place like Ginnie Springs you want to look for specific features about it that you want to highlight in your space; for example the smooth underwater surfaces, the reflections on the water, or the beautiful surrounding greenery. Translate those features into design elements that you can manipulate in your space to give your home a new twist. 

A statement piece in a simplistic room will always make you stand out. These smooth natural stone pieces work together as a backdrop and a shelf and remind me of the beautiful natural surfaces of Ginnie Springs. The addition of the marble accent pieces and gold tie the whole look together and makes it feel very elegant.

Adding greenery to a space will no doubt make you feel connected to the springs! When you are there you are surrounded by trees, flowers, and different types of vegetation. A plant with large leaves and a more wild growth will work perfectly for the springs look. It will also add a bright pop of color to your space!

Lighting! Lighting is an amazing way to add umph to your space. Play with different looks or even different ways the light emitted works together to get the feel you're going for. These low pendant lights are simplistic and elegant and the light from them collectively mimic the movement of water. Absolutely beautiful!

Add a wall texture! A lot of people think the only way to make an accent wall in a space is to add a paint color to it. However, adding a texture will make your space so much more attractive and can help you achieve your concept in an easier way. I would love to use this wall in a space with pops of color with plants and accents here and there to really pull off the Ginnie Springs look.


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