Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tailored Looks

Looking for something to spice up your space while keeping it clean and modern? Tailored looks are a booming trend in the design world and are guaranteed to add some extra umph to your space. The look is clean, rhythmic, and eye catching. This design trend can work for both masculine and feminine spaces, it all depends on the patterns you choose. In our commercial spaces we love to use this look on carpet designs. Having the floor be the main location for pattern is a great idea for a space. It adds a lot to your room without overpowering it. When using a pattern such as these on the floor you want to keep the furniture and wall articulations light and simplistic.

Another strategy is to use wall frame molding. This technique adds a bit of fancy to your space.

You can also accomplish this look in your home! Remember the idea is to go for rhythm and modern. Geometric patterns work really well for achieving this, and you can mix them up as well. Not over doing the patterns however is key. You want one or two main areas of focus with simple solids surrounding the rest of the area. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

10 Activities to do this Summer

The sunshine filled days and long summer nights are too tempting to miss out on this season! Summertime is full of fun, free activities that are sure to brighten up your spirit and fill you with inspiration. I know when I'm at a loss with a project getting outside and taking on a new adventure always gets me back in the groove. Make sure you are having the best summer ever by getting out and involved in this beautiful season! These 10 activities are a must:

1. Exercise on the Beach

Exercising on the beach has got to be one of the most rewarding forms of exercise! You're doing good for your body PLUS you have the most gorgeous view. Even a simple walk on the beach is so great and refreshing. Best part is you can get a refreshing dive in the ocean afterwards to cool off. Bonus points if you wake up and do it at sunrise.

2. Go Stargazing 

Get away from the bright lights of the city and go see the beautiful summer night sky in its full glory! Drive as far away from civilization as possible, the darker the better. Bring a pillow and blanket, light music, and your favorite person and you've got the perfect night ahead of you.

3. Take a Road Trip

Summer road trips with your besties have been the most looked forward to thing to do over summer for generations! Nothing beats being on the road with your friends on your way to who knows where and just experiencing everything you may stumble across on the way. Crank up the music, load the snacks, and take advantage of the world around you!

4. Have a Sunset Picnic

What are two of lives greatest joys? Sunsets and food!! Combine the two and you can't lose. Top it off with a bottle of wine and you will experience pure bliss.

5. Head to the Markets

Farmers markets are the go to place over summer! You will never see more beautiful produce, flowers, and art than any other time. Grab your floppy hat and basket and take a stroll. 

6. Go Springs Hunting

As soon as the sun comes out, its time to seek out some refreshing waters. Florida is full of natural, beautiful springs that will cool you off and make you speechless. Crystal clear waters, lush trees and vegetation, manatees, and a couple of tubes...tell me something better.

7. Join a Yoga Class on the Beach

Summer is all about relaxing, renewing, and destressing and yoga on a beautiful beach is the perfect way to achieve that! See if there is a local class taking place or just grab a group of friends and do your own. I took a sunset yoga class recently with a friend and it was so rejuvenating. This is one you surely won't regret. 

8. Go Skating

If you've never been skating before, this is the time to learn! Pick up some blades from a secondhand store and find a park with sidewalk trails. Its a great form of exercise while also being super relaxing. You'll be a pro before you know it!

9. Go Cliff Jumping

Looking for some real adventure? This is a for sure way to pump that adrenaline and catch a thrill! Gather your friends and all your courage and find something high (and safe) to jump off of into water. Trust me, bridge jumping will suffice just as well. 

10. Camp in the Middle of Nowhere 

Pack your tent, a sleeping bag, and a backpack full of snacks and head off for the wilderness! There is nothing like waking up to birds chirping and a beautiful sunrise fully immersed in nature. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Recently in the Miss USA 2016 competition, Miss District of Columbia was crowned the winner. Her intelligence, beauty, and confidence more than qualified her for the crown but her strength is what blows everyone away! During a statement round she said, "As a woman in the military, people associate beauty with weakness, and they learn very quickly that I'm extremely strong. And although I'm small, I'm powerful and confidently beautiful." And then later stated,"As a woman in the United States army, I think it was an amazing job by our government to allow women to integrate into every branch of the military. We are just a tough as men. As a commander of my unit, I am powerful, I am dedicated and it is important that we recognize that gender doesn't limit us in the United States Army." Her message is so important and we at the office stand for woman empowerment as well! It is important to be confident in yourself and your worth; that is what defines you as a person.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The success of every single woman is the inspiration for another. Be confident, be strong, be you!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Spice Up Your Dining Room

When you think about a typical dining room you think of a large table dominating the room surrounded by six identical dining chairs. However, there are so many ways to escape this boring dining room! A fun switch up is to add booth or bench seating to your dining table. Doing a combination of chairs and a bench or building a bench nook around a smaller table will definitely make your dining room the center of attention! Antique stores, flea markets, and of course Chairish, are all great places to find one of a kind dining chairs.

Pattern and color are also fun options! Even if you decide to keep the chairs unison, adding color or a fun pattern will brighten up the space and make it much more welcoming. Use different chair heights together or even mix colors. You can also trade in your traditional rectangular table for a fun circular one; a circular table will bring a sense of closeness into your dining room! 

The industrial style is hot right now! I love the look of mixing natural elements with industrial metals. The best part about this look is that it is very unique, you have the ability to use a lot of creativity with this! Don't be afraid to mix and match chairs and other elements.