Thursday, January 19, 2017

Red Rules!!

   Has putting the Christmas decorations away got you feeling a little empty? Bring that beautiful red back into your life to brighten up the mood! Red can be a tricky color to use in the home, but when it's done right it looks so stunning! Also, believe it or not it goes so well with so many color palettes. The best way to succeed in this design challenge is to apply the color in accents! Little bursts of red will add so much life into the space and will make you happy just looking at it. Switch out those old knobs, paint your front door, and add some flowers and cranberries to your flower arrangement and you've nailed it! So bold and so beautiful!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Decor, Galore!

A couple weeks ago our team tackled a super fun project: we decorated one of our clients homes for Christmas! Holiday decor is so fun to add to your home and keeping it classy and beautiful looks absolutely stunning! This was a service we definitely want to do more often! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Entertaining

   Halloween and Thanksgiving are officially over and its finally appropriate to bring out the Christmas cheer! Nothing is more fun than bringing out the Christmas decorations and celebrating sweet time with family and friends. When planning for your holiday guests and entertaining consider some of these design strategies for a simplistic and elegant Christmas feel. 

When decorating your tree, pick a color or theme and stick with it! A tree looks absolutely gorgeous covered in gold or silver; the contrast is just stunning!

Wrap a beautiful garland piece up your staircase railing for a grand entrance to the upstairs levels. 

Add a beautiful, simplistic center piece to your dining or coffee table. You can include some inspired potpourri to bring in incredible scents to give you the Christmas spirit!

If you loved the elegant, white ambiance of our Thanksgiving decor than you're sure to love it for Christmas as well! The look is very wintery and makes you feel like you are surrounded by a blanket of snow no matter where you live.

Have some fun with your dinner table set! Bring in some natural pieces such as tree stump slices for place mats, and pine and cranberry as your flower arrangement. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

A big Happy Holidays from all of us at Sarah Cain Design! May your time with family and friends be merry and bright.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We're sure starting to get that feeling at Sarah Cain Design!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's Nap Time!

   Here at the office lately we've been thinking how nice it would be if adults could get a daily afternoon nap like our kids do! Well lately a lot of modern businesses such as Google and Facebook have done a lot of research on this concept and have proven that having some alone, rest time during the day increases productivity and creativity in their employees! The designs they have incorporated are extremely fun, modern, and aim towards increasing those creative juices!

   Our office manager, Kristy, even pointed out to us that researchers have also proven that drinking your cup of joe before your 20 minute power nap will heighten the impact of caffeine on the brain! Tell that to your boss next time you lay your head down on your desk. 

   We really need to get our office some of these comfy solutions so we can put this "coffee nap" concept to the test! 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Virtual Reality: Taking Control of the Design World


   Virtual reality has become a HUGE rising success in several fields! In the design world it opens up so much potential for our upcoming generations from 3-D building, to allowing your client to walk through their space before its created! The concept is something out of a futuristic movie and it is truly eye opening. Students are beginning to learn about the technology in schools and companies are jumping on the opportunity to include it in their design process. 

   Presenting design concepts and development to clients will become a much easier process because they will actually be able to see what the space will look like and walk through it rather than try to imagine it through flat images. Programs through VR also allow you to design on the spot. You can create 3-D objects and place them in a space simply with your hands! All the possibilities this offers designers is amazing!

   One of the parade homes we staged last spring for Spain and Cooper Homes was pictured in a 360 degree walk through tour! We loved the turn out and thought it was a very unique way for clients to view the spaces online.