Monday, March 26, 2012

The Traveler's Gift: Inspiring start to the week

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I always try to start my week with an inspirational thought or message.  I believe that our focal point influences what we do and ultimately how we feel about ourselves.  With this in mind, I typically look for uplifting stories about people who have overcome great obstacles to achieve something they value.

This week I have found a great resource in The Traveler's Gift.  What a great story with a great message.  I highly recommend it!

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to meet the author, Andy Andrews recently at an event here in Gainesville.  He comes across as being a very genuine fellow with a gift of communicating his message of hope in an entertaining way.  I really liked his approach and his book is, in my opinion, a quick and helpful reference on how we view the world around us and how we can change our approach and outcome quickly and easily.

Try googling him (lots of video online) and see what you think about his style and message.  One of my favorites is the "butterfly effect", ( ).  It helps us all to see how important we each are in the overall "BIG" picture of the world.

I hope that you enjoy it!  Let me know if you have read the book, The Traveler's Gift or experienced Andy Andrews before.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Giving back, Stop Children's Cancer Fantasy Event

Spring means sunny days are ahead full of fresh new beginnings.  I love the colors of Spring, the bright green color of the grass and the vivid colors of the blooms.

For our company and many people who live in the Gainesville area,  Spring also means that the Stop! Children's Cancer fantasy event is drawing near.

This year the event theme is Festival Brazil!  We are honored to be designing the Special Silent auction area of the event, or as I can it, the silent auction "boutique".   This year we are designing a brightly colored headdress for the decor centerpiece.  It should be a lot of fun.
Our concept board for the design.
We hope that you will join us at the event and bid on the fabulous items offered!  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Graphic Design, A joy or a challenge?

As a designer I am a very visual person.  Images can have such an emotional impact on us, depending on  your own sensitivities.  Images are very personal, meaning that various colors or textures can impact individuals in different ways according to your preferences.  

When it comes to graphic design I am still learning my way.  I have a great friend, with whom I went to Graduate school, that is an amazing graphic designer (yes Katie, I am talking about you)!  Whenever I need to design an advertisement or even a website or blog, I try to "channel Katie."  

As a company, we are still developing our style of "branding".  Our intention is to be sophisticated  and elegant, mixing classic elements with a modern edge.  With the help of my fabulous intern, Alex (a whiz at photoshop, much faster than I am ), we put together this "before and after" ad from one of our bathroom remodels.  It will run in the April/May issue of Home magazine.
Our final ad for Home magazine, let us know what you think about it.  I tend to prefer clean, simple ads with more visual impact than written information.   

Our second choice, I love the color mix, but it seems to draw the eye away from the images more than I wanted.  What do you think?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Color my Mondays

Mondays can be a fresh start full of new possibilities, but sometimes they seem to be insurmountable  obstacles to overcome.  All the items on the to-do list that didn't get taken care of last week along with the new list of items can overwhelm even the most optimistic of individuals!

I try to start every day with an inspirational quote, it helps to keep me focused.  This is one of my favorites.

I also try to remember to surround myself with the things that I love.  

Fresh flowers are such a luxury.  Peonies are my favorite, they remind me of our formal garden when I was 5 years old.  A fairy tale setting for all my dreams and child like play.  Just the sight of these beautiful flowers take me back to a carefree time!

What do you do to make your days more carefree?  Are there any special tricks that you use to jump start your week?