Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giving Back, Saving Children is always a Good Idea

For all my fellow Gainesville residents, I want to encourage you to take part in the local Stop! Children's Cancer fantasy event ( tonight at the O'Connell Center.  I have been honored to be a part of this organization and it's efforts to raise money to combat Children's cancer for the last 15 years.  They are doing great things with the money they raise and I am proud to be a part of this effort.  For the last three years, Sarah Cain Design has been asked to design the featured silent auction area, where we display high valued ($1500+) items being auctioned.  Here are a few preview pictures of our display area.  We hope that you like what you see and encourage you to come and bid on these fantastic items including a football signed by all three UF Heisman winners, A Sister Hazel VIP package which includes a private dining experience with Ken & Andrew, a Haile Plantation Golf package, and many fabulous jewelry items.  
Sarah Cain Design fantasy event design team

Alex Bailey and Daphne Florville, UF Interior Design seniors

Custom masks designed for the "Festival Brazil" event area

A custom head-dress designed for the event area

A dramatic centerpiece (shown here with bright lights, come see it tonight in the dim, but dramatic lighting)
Jackson Stoneworks, another local business that supports the Stop! Children's cancer event has included a great story about Bonnie Freeman, the little girl that started this foundation with her last wish.  Here's a link to their newletter,

Enjoy your weekend and we hope to see you tonight!  If you are unable to attend, but would like to
 make a contribution, visit the website,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hospitality Design...the WOW factor!

I love Hospitality Design.  For me it is an "escape from the mundane world of everyday life".  As designers we are often given permission to be extravagant.  I call it the WOW factor, an environment that you are drawn to both visually and physically.  The element, or often elements, that create that "WOW" are as varied as the environments they create.  IT is all about the lifestyle/personna of the business itself, creating an opportunity to express that corporate identity visually.  The discovery of this personna is part of the pleasure of visiting the space, it sometimes unfolds and reveals itself slowly (subtly) and other times it hits you from the moment you approach (the WOW).

These are a few of our favorites, I hope that they intrigue and inspire you as they have inspired us.
The overscaled red light fixtures and beaded texture on the  dark zebrawood bar front balance each other beauitifully.
I love the lighting and color of this bar area.  It feels like a wave that is approaching...creating visual tension and excitement!
The textures used in this Swizerland eatery are warm and inviting, paired with the overscaled black hanging pendants they provide just the right amount of contrast to bring this space to life.
Simplicity paired with a bold ceiling element.  The lighting becomes a sculptural element.

blue fin sestaurant group, yabu pushellberg designer
Lighting and texture create a dynamic focal point on this restaurant wall., nobu restaurant
Bubble lights conceptually represent a  Japanese flower garden., nobu restaurant
Love the graphic quality of this space, black and white with a touch of red!
Large scale yellow lantern style lights steal the show at this restaurant.
If you like what you see here, follow our hospitality board on pinterest at:

What hospitality spots inspire you?  Do you have any favorites?  If so, we would love to hear from you.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pastels, not just for Easter eggs!

The soft colors of the Spring season are popping up all over!  If you are drawn to the peacefulness of pastels, why not celebrate them year round?  Take a look at some of our favorites and see if you get some ideas for bringing these colors into your own spaces.
Soft tourquoise colored plates and lighting transform this all white kitchen into a serene space!
Paint is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home.  It is easy to do in an afternoon and a great way to get instant gratification!
Just a few accessories in your favorite color can make all the difference.
Love the soft plum color of this room!
Cozy and inviting, a home office space in soft colors really makes me want to go to work!
An easy decorating trick is to paint the inside of your bookshelves an interesting color.
This reminds me of Denmark!
Love this dresser, such a great idea and so easy to do, even with small amounts of leftover paint!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Color Me, Bright

Always a sign of optimism, color is back in fashion and interiors in full force!  If you haven't already added some color into your environment, now is the time.  There are many ways that you can incorporate color into your home or office.  Whether you look to surround yourself with a gorgeous wall color or simply add a few colorful accessories, it is an easy and economical way to freshen up for the new year!  We hope that some of these fun and energetic interiors will inspire you to give it a try.  

Isn't the red banister fun!

Classic back & white room with a bold yellow sofa and a few colorful accessories.  Remember, books can bring color into your room, especially if you color block and organise them for maximum impact!  If your books don't have the right color dust jackets, consider wrapping them your favorite colored paper for an ultra fashionable statement.

Change your wall color and change the entire feel of your room instantly.  Paint is an ultra cheap way to renew your spaces!  The white furnture and accents really pop against the electric blue walls.

White isn't the only color for painted cabinets, be bold!

I love black and white classic interiors.  It is so easy to change the feel of the room by simply changing the accessories.

An all white room with a few pops of color.  This neutral space really sets off the colorful artwork as the main event!

We hope that these ideas will give you the confidence you need to bring your rooms to life with a little color!  How have you incorporated color into your home/office?