Red, White, and Blue

In honor of the 4th of July, why not add a little "Americana" to your home. Maybe not so much that it screams american flag but just enough to have it all come together in a chic cohesive manner. 

Incorporating red, white, and blue into your space without it becoming a patriotic theme requires looking at the big picture as well as the tiny individual details. Maybe you have a red wall and white furniture, adding a blue patterned pillow or even blue accessory pieces will help you achieve this color combo without it becoming a holiday room. Also who says they have to be the exact same color when a change in hue can make all the difference. 

Go ahead and sport your Red, White, and Blue!

Love the high gloss ceiling!

After looking at all these gorgeous images, I hope you have come to realize that this color combo can be fabulous on many levels. Do you have a red, white, and blue space in your home?


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