Beneficial Banquettes

Banquettes have a way of making a simple small space into an elegant expansive area. Beautiful and functional, banquettes can work in any atmosphere with its versatile look as well as maximize seating. They can mold into a casual feel or add a bit of drama to your dining space  while at the same time adding additional storage. What more could you ask for? Here are a few images of fabulous banquettes elegantly displayed. 

I love the way the shape of this banquette is echoed on the wall behind it.  Shape, scale and details all play a role here!
Doesn't this feel like a grand hotel?  I love the creamy fabric mixed with  graphite grey chairs, so chic!
Details always make a difference, the picture light highlights this vignette as you would a piece of art.  The brass nail-heads add just the right touch of pattern and texture against this velvet backdrop.
Hope these beautiful banquettes have inspired you to try it out in your home. How do you like your banquettes ?


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