Coffee Culture

When it comes to coffee, you know exactly how you like it. The same can be said of  the atmosphere in which you choose to purchase, as well as enjoy your cup of Jo.   Each coffee shop has its own personality which in turn attracts local and/or visiting coffee drinkers to try them out. 

There are just as many variety of coffee shops as there are coffee options, ranging from rustic bohemian styles to elegant "better not spill" environments. I personally adore the more intimate, chic, and eclectic coffee ambience for it's ability to make you instantly feel warm and comfortable

Whichever cup of coffee you choose, I'm sure you will find your perfect go-to coffee shop to satisfy your craving.

The coffee Academics; Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tully's Coffee Shop; Kagoshima, Japan

Cielito Querido Cafe; Mexico City

Lolita Coffeehouse; Ljublijana, Slovenia

Vanilla; Berlin, Germany

Coast; Poole, United Kingdom

Gasoline Alley Coffee; New York, New York

Friends of Mine; Melbourne, Australia

Tinderbox; London, England

Cielito Querido Cafe; Mexico City

Cafe Foam; Stockholm, Sweden

Fluff Bakery; New York, New York

Many coffee drinkers seem to be on the hunt for their ideal coffee shop. Have you found yours?


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