When in Doubt, Keep Moving Forward

unidentified participants in the mud run in jacksonville

"The more concerned we become over the things we can't control, the less we will do with the things we can control." Coach J. Wooden on surviving the tough times

As I have mentioned before, I love quotes that keep my mind focused on the positive and headed in the right direction.  As often happens in the Fall, our busy lives seem to move into an ultra fast gear and many of us just try to hold on and keep the pace until after the holidays when we see a bit of relief in schedule!  Add to that a big election year and a super sized hurricane and you get a bit more stress than most would want!  (Don't worry this isn't going to be a political ad, I promise!)

My Mom always says when there is too much on your plate than seems managable, try to break down your tasks into smaller segments.  Mom always has great advise!  Instead of taking it one day at a time I sometimes find it helpful to take it 1 hour or even 5 minutes at a time.  In other words, bite off only what you can chew!

Try to give yourself what we all need more of, a little compassion.  Remember to live in the moment as much as possible, and of course...


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