Classy not "Kitschy" Orange and Blue Decor

Represent your team all year round! Instead of cartoon mascots and color blocks, get inspired by using patterns, textures, and variations of your team colors. Let your enthusiasm shine by creating classy not "kitchy" entertainment spaces to tailgate! Since we are from Gainesville, we are representing the gator nation through orange and blue!
Unique floor pillows paired with the low lamp create a fun flexible environment to watch the game!

Mixing and matching patterns creates a lively environment that pairs well with loud cheers!

You can bring in team colors through abstracted forms or natural materials to really create dynamic space!

Take your color scheme from the wall to artwork to the furniture to the floor.

Paired with neutral materials, the orange and blue really pop!

Bringing the team colors in through different elements creates a vibrant and classy way to root on the team!

Using unconventional tones of orange and blue create a unique space that subtlety shows off your school spirit!


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