Tailgating, classy not "kitschy" tips

Continuing our "Classy not Kitschy" tailgating party, here are a few easy elements to bring your party to the next level. To make your entertainment space feel fresh mix patterns in offset tones of your team's colors with natural elements and neutral pops. Also the best thing about creating a chic space is that you can represent your team all year long! 
1. Dishware that represent your mascot are a subtle and chic way to pay homage to your team without being over the top!

2. Using colored or patterned glassware is a great way to start bringing in pattern!

3. Pillows are an easy and flexible way to bring in team spirit!

4. By bringing in fresh flowers and fruit, your space will feel as lively as your cheers! The oranges are a nod to the University of Florida and the sunshine state!

5 & 6 Bringing in floor cushions instead of extra chairs allows you to bring in more people and keeps the space from feeling too planned or stiff!

7. If the game is at night or you are partying outside, lanterns are a great way to add party lighting. 

8. Patterned place-mats and napkins help to make guest feel special while once again including your theme without being kitchy! Plus using cloth place-mats and napkins are a lot less wasteful than other collegiate gear! 

9. Pairing a special table runner with a neutral table provides a balance that is a lot less visually overwhelming than a full tablecloth. 

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