It's that time of the Year Again...Time to Organize!

As women today, we all have many hats to wear and that means multi-tasking all the time.  My best strategy to deal with many things going on at once is to keep an organized space.  The more organized I am the better I seem to be at juggling my activities and priorities.  

Every year when back to school time rolls around, I try to get the entire family involved in this organizing activity.  We go thru the clothes in our closets and donate anything we don't need to a friend or charity that may have need for them.  This makes room for the new items we need to purchase.  I try to do the same in other areas of our house and my office as well.  

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some creative ways to organise your home.  Perhaps you will find some new ideas for getting your things in order.  These images focus on the home office, craft space or central hub which is a good place to start in our "reigning in" activity.
 Remember to use soothing colors like this beautiful "spa blue" which has a natural calming effect.  Color can have a powerful impact on our mood and it is so easy and affordable to paint a wall any color that you love.  Warm colors tend to energise us and cool colors sooth.  Give it a try and see how it works for your family.
Having a system that takes everything off the desk top and still keeps it within reach and eyesight can be very helpful.
Try using chalkboard paint to create your own bulletin board any shape or size you wish.  It is an easy and inexpensive project that the whole family can use.  The kids might even want to help!

A great way to unify your organizing products is to paint them all the same accent color.  In this case they are all black, but why not try red or any other color you wish.
 There is something about stacks of colorful paper that makes me want to make something!  Getting your craft items out of the closet and in full view is a great way to generate creative activites!
Your space should always reflect your lifestyle and personality, this beachy space could be anywhere in the world even in Manhatten or another big city.  In other words, don't save the beach style for a beach house, if you love this weathered "laid back" feel inject it into your home no matter where it is located!
Colorful clipboards, so simple and impactful!

 Later this week we will tke a look at creatice products that can be used in your organizing.  So stay tuned..


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