Reading Nooks

We have had such great feedback on our article and post on Home Library design that we thought we would continue the theme and explore creative reading nooks.  Those cozy environments that beckon us to take the time to relax and unwind with a good book!

This is a great example of how a stand alone bench can be added to any window to create that window seat look. 
These bookshelves create a custoim built-in feeling with the sofa, a high end look!
If you were going to read would you choose the chair or that fabulous built-in bed?! 
The rail makes this a good space for children.  You could have closet storage below with a door to access.

Dramatic rich color makes this space more cozy and unique.

I can't get enough of window seats.  They are an easy way to add a bit of architecture to the environment.  This one feels very tucked in because of the walled arch and enclosure that it creates.
This feels like you are sitting in a treehouse.  A center table could also be added to this.
Wow, love this...don't forget to consider the color of the back of your shelves.  IT is a simple way to add more visual interest.  Wallpaper also works well.
I love the clever way this designer added the ability to control the seatback angle.  Just like the chairs we use at the beach.
Simple and fabulous, I love the shape of this window.  Sometimes simple is best.
What child wouldn't go crazy about this space?  I knopw that mine would never fight over who would get to sit in the window seat! Adding unusual shapes adds a touch of wimsy and playfulness to any space.

A great modern chair and ottoman surrounded by bookshelves looks like a perfect reading spot.
Find your cozy space and grab your favorite hot beverage and escape into a fantastic book!


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