Make Your Closet an Experience!

  Lately I have been on the lookout for great closet designs that really give you an experience while picking out your outfit and showcasing your belongings! We have been wanting to redo our own closet at home and I've also been very interested in getting more involved in closet design with my clients. To me, the closet is a very important space in the home, but it is often neglected or forgotten about when it comes to design. If you think about it, you spend a lot of time in there! Everyday you pick out an outfit that you love to make yourself feel good; so wouldn't you want to show off those items that make you feel good and love the place you're in while doing it?

   The key to accomplishing this type of design is creating an experience that makes you feel excited! It's all about replicating that boutique environment that you love when you go shopping. Not only will it change the way you feel about picking out your outfit in the morning, but it will change the way you buy as well! When you are showing of your clothes in a clean, organized manner you want everything to look the best it can be!


   The first thing to consider when doing a closet design is color, pattern, and texture! Your clothes usually will already offer a lot of color into the room so it is totally okay to just go neutral, and it comes out just as beautiful!

Go simple with all white and touches of gold! Absolutely stunning!

   However, if you want to add a little spunk into your space using a pretty wall paper as a backdrop, using a colored trim around all of the casework, or bringing a color or pattern in through accent elements will definitely bring the space to life and make it feel much more exciting!

Add a texture or pattern on the floor and bring in a matching color in some beautiful drapes!

Use a gorgeous wall covering to give your space some personality!

For a bold look pick a contrasting color to add a trim to all of your casework! This look is classic and brings a lot of depth to your space.


   When it comes to closet design, lighting is definitely competing for the most important element! Bringing a sufficient amount of light into the space is so important so that you can see everything clearly and get an appropriate understanding for the way an outfit looks. 

LED étagères...c est un étagère et un tasseau déporté a l' intérieur duquel est collé un ruban Led.:

Lighting strips under shelves and cabinets are game changers! Not only does it give a sense of sophistication to the space but it will highlight your clothes and accessories so much better!

Use a combination of lighting techniques such as recessed can lights, pendants, sconces, and even natural light if you have that ability! Bringing in as much light as possible while using beautiful fixtures will make all the difference! Have a separate switch for each type of lighting and add dimmers so you are able to control the space as you see fit. 

Bring in a beautiful chandelier to add a focal point to the room! Doing so will amp up the boutique feel and make it feel so much more luxurious. 


   Organization is so so important in closet design. There are several routes you can take with your organization casework including cabinets, drawer units, cubbie holes, hanging space, etc. Do your research and figure out what types of organization are right for your style and personal life; the possibilities are endless!

Utilize your space appropriately by showcasing the proper clothes for the season while hiding away the unneeded items. 

Invest in a jewelry organizer; these things will change your life! They will force you to keep all of your jewelry organized and together and it will be so much easier to see everything so you can choose what will go great with your outfit for that night on the town! 

An angled shoe display is another organizing technique that will be a great investment! These babies will keep all of shoes together and organized while showing off their looks so you can choose accordingly. 


Lastly, and probably the most fun part of closet design is adding the details! The little things are always what really pull a design together; so bring out your personality and have some fun with it!

The hardware used for all of your built ins can make a huge statement! Go classy with gold and crystal, or make it fun with a bright color or unique pattern!

If you have the room, add some seating! It will make your experience much more comfortable and will allow you to spend more time in there getting ready rather than your bedroom or bathroom. Build it into one of your casework pieces for a beautiful two-in-one!

Mirrors are so important for the perfect closet space; and not only for their practicality! Bring in some seriously beautiful detail with a decorative mirror, and go large if you can! Mirrors will open up small spaces and make your closet feel truly luxurious. 


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