How to Create a Luxury Hotel Bathroom at Home

   Everyone loves going to a beautiful hotel and drowning their sorrows away in a gorgeous spa bathtub in a bathroom with everything you need to escape your worries. But who says you can't have this at home, too? Here are some simple ways to make your bathroom feel relaxing and elegant without having to whisk away to a fancy hotel.

1. Think Soft and Comfortable!

One of the most important components in creating a luxury bathroom is splurging in the fluffy bathroom elements: towels! Both the look and feeling of fluffy new towels will go a long way and choosing a neutral color is key to making the space feel spa-like; show them off rather than shoving them in a cabinet. 

2. Lighting

Lighting has a HUGE effect on the appearance and aesthetic of a room- both the fixture and the light emitted. Small recessed lights above the bathtub with dimming switches will give you the perfect amount of light and will allow you to choose how bright you would like the space. Mood lighting is everything when you are trying to relax! If you want to go all out, adding a beautiful chandelier in the center of the room will really bring out the elegance. Think classic with a little bit of sparkle.

3. Engage the Senses

You got the soft towels and the low lights, now its time to bring out the scents! Candles are the ultimate relaxing tool. Fill your bathroom with your favorite scent as you lay down for a warm bath. Throw in some flowers to liven up the room, and if you aren't into candles potpourri and incense also work wonderfully.   

4. Take a Seat

We spend more time in our bathrooms than we think and the only seat we're provided with is the toilet...not a real seat. If you have the space, adding extra seating will make the room feel much more upscale and elegant. A tufted ottoman, elegant chair, or even a simplistic stool are beautiful options that look classy and are very functional. 

5. Get Artsy

Bring some personality into your bathroom space! Add a large statement piece of artwork, create a gallery wall, or bring in a fun rug that can introduce some color. It's important to bring in your sense of style and personality into every room of the house including your bathroom, so don't neglect it!

6. Invest in a Bathtub Tray

A wooden bathtub tray is both functional and super trendy! It holds your book, candles, loofah, your glass of wine, and looks beautiful while doing it! Plus, you can totally make this a DIY project and create whatever look you want for your space. 

7. Switch Out Your Shower Head

Get rid of your old shower head and invest in a new rainfall shower head! They're softer and so luxurious; every time you take a shower it'll feel like you're in a spa.  


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