Latest Project: Villa Bleu

   One of our latest projects that we have completed is Villa Bleu!! Designing this house has most definitely been one of my favorite projects and the collaboration between the client and myself was so fun! My clients built their house and really wanted to make the spaces fun and unique! They are avid art collectors and only purchase original pieces so displaying their pieces was a key portion to the overall design. Everything about this house is beautiful with classic features, clean lines, and modernity. The home is full of a mix of custom furniture and decor including Chaddock, Bernhardt, Global Views, and Jaffe Rugs. We were very open to taking risks with this project and it resulted in a home full of energy!

See more of this project at our website under our residential projects tab!

   I love the classic look black and white offers a space; those colors together with this beautiful grey in the entrance are absolutely gorgeous. The fun textures used in the chandelier, artwork, and rug really add a wow factor and amaze anyone who walks through the front door!

This art piece is my absolute favorite!! We placed it in almost every room of the house and couldn't decide which room she should go in; she looked beautiful everywhere!! I love the final decision of putting her in the foyer; she's one of the first things you'll see walking into the house. 

This bathroom wall tile is so gorgeous, the picture doesn't even do it justice. When the light hits it it shimmers and gives the space a beautiful ambiance. The reflecting pattern on the shower glass pulls the elements together tremendously.

If I could describe her office in one word it would be FUN! The textures from the rug and plants are fantastic with the pops of pink and purple mixing in with the blues. Its elegant, modern, and so so beautiful. 

I LOVE this kitchen! It has absolutely everything you'd ever want and need for your kitchen. There are two prep areas with two sinks-perfect for entertaining. The room is very spacious and has a lot of storage. The countertops are one of the most beautiful granite selections I've seen: Python. The textures and patterns within the pieces are jaw-dropping!

This mirror from Global Views is another one of my favorite pieces! Its large and demands attention, taking control of the space. The sculpture is super fun and unique as well!

This gallery space was designed to showcase their art collection. I'm in love with the open tread staircase; it makes the space feel so much more open and inviting. Similarly, all of the art is so beautiful it was hard to decide what to showcase!

The paneling on the walls of the master bedroom entrance with the beautiful glass panels give you a feeling of glamour before you even walk into the room. The hide and reveal elements make the space exciting, and the custom bedding ties the design together. 

The dining furniture here is from Chaddock Furniture and the lighting is from Chrystorama- so beautiful! The view to the outdoor pool and coy pond makes the space feel luxurious and brings in a lot of natural light.


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