Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

   Summer is coming to an end as quickly as it began! It's time to turn in those bright blues and greens and bring out the stunning oranges, reds, and browns of fall. Fall decor can be so fun and beautiful to create in your home and exterior. My design style is all about being fun, chic, and beautiful and there are most definitely classy and elegant ways to represent the fall season without filling your home with jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and flying bats (but honestly isn't that the best part!?)

We may have given in and added a cute jack-o-lantern into our office ;)

   Decorating the mantel and fireplace is definitely a good go to place for your autumn takeover. The fireplace is warm and welcoming, and a perfect gathering space for the friends and family you are so thankful for! Repurpose old crates, window frames, and shutters to add a little something extra to those wreaths and flowers.

   The formal dining room is also a must have decorated space. Keep your loved ones close this time of year surrounded by the beauty of fall and yummy food!! Green garlands and hydrangeas look beautiful with the hues of fall! You can easily head out to your backyard and clip some of the beautiful blooms nature has blessed you with to create this earthy look!

   Fall colors not your thing? Incorporate whites and muted tones in place of the warm oranges and browns in order to get an extremely elegant and beautiful autumn look. I absolutely love this look and you might even love it enough to keep it year round!

   Another fall favorite you can't miss out on is the pumpkin spice craze!! My team and I have definitely fallen into the trend of everything pumpkin spice- from Starbucks lattes to the delicious pumpkin cheesecake our designer Paola is cooking up for us! Oh how we love the fall!


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