Inspired Lighting

Brighten up your home with creative and out of the ordinary lighting fixtures. Whether it be subtle atmospheric changes or a great statement piece, it will most definitely be admired and appreciated by you and your guests. 

Make your light a focal point by allowing it to be the first piece you see as you enter the room.   Whether you make a bold move that will make heads turn or

simply integrate subtle lighting features such  as recessed lighting underneath/within cabinetry or beautiful yet functional stair tread lights that casts a iridescent glow all the way up the stairs. 
So many ideas, all gorgeous results!
A simple light used in mass can make quite the statement.
The color of the light used can also help to create drama.  This blue LED lighting helps to create the feeling of cool water when reflected off this textured glass.
Lighting provides an opportunity to bring a little of your unique personality into a kitchen space.
I love the way you wrap around this light fixture as you ascend the stairs.
Creative lighting can add so much character to a space. Do you have a unique lighting piece in your home?


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