European Restaurants

Just like European hotels, the restaurants are also magnificent. Filled with just as much visual interest and elegant beauty that it only gives someone more of a reason to visit. 

Thru creative use of materials these restaurants are truly inspiring providing a unique way to visualize your everyday local cafe or eatery. The atmosphere this creates makes the overall experience far more enticing.

El Japones@22, Barcelona, Spain
Seven Easy, Ascona, Switzerland

Graffiti Cafe, Varna, Bulgaria

Pure C Bar and Restaurant, Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands
Volkshaus Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Le Georges, Paris, France
New Restaurant, Trollveggen, More og Romsdal, Norway

5-cinco, Berlin, Germany
Das Brot. bakery, Wolfsburg, Germany
Restaurants have a way of becoming an important part of any travelers visit by allowing them to remember wonderful food and atmosphere. Have you had any memorable experiences with a European restuarants?


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