Wednesday, June 12, 2013

European Restaurants

Just like European hotels, the restaurants are also magnificent. Filled with just as much visual interest and elegant beauty that it only gives someone more of a reason to visit. 

Thru creative use of materials these restaurants are truly inspiring providing a unique way to visualize your everyday local cafe or eatery. The atmosphere this creates makes the overall experience far more enticing.

El Japones@22, Barcelona, Spain
Seven Easy, Ascona, Switzerland

Graffiti Cafe, Varna, Bulgaria

Pure C Bar and Restaurant, Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands
Volkshaus Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Le Georges, Paris, France
New Restaurant, Trollveggen, More og Romsdal, Norway

5-cinco, Berlin, Germany
Das Brot. bakery, Wolfsburg, Germany
Restaurants have a way of becoming an important part of any travelers visit by allowing them to remember wonderful food and atmosphere. Have you had any memorable experiences with a European restuarants?

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