Picture Perfect Design

What better way to fill an empty wall space than to display a collage of picture frames that not only adds interest but tells a story.

Displaying pictures in a gallery style does not need to be a stressful task.  Just find a common link to the pictures being hung.  For example, use all the same color frames or two colors and hang them in a way that creates balance.  The size and scale of the frames can vary as long as their is a method to your madness.


Great use of skinny wall space

Shelves provide an easy way to place and rearrange frames and best of all, no holes in the wall.

I love the variety of proportions in this collage in addition to the simple black and white color scheme.

By reducing the space between the frames the collage appears as one element instead of many individual pieces.  This creates a bold impact!
Notice the way the three styles of frames shown above are hung in relationship to each other.


One trick to laying out your collage is to trace each picture on a piece of trace paper and hang them on the wall with tape.  This will allow you to try different configurations of placement before you hammer any nails into your wall.  When you have your collage just the way you want it, the nails can be hammered through the trace paper to be sure that you are getting them in the right spot.  Simply tear off the trace when you are done...and, Voila!  

What tricks do you use when hanging art in your home?


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