Amazing places around the globe: Viva Italiano!

In my opinion, there is no more romantic place on earth than ITALY!!!  Ever since I was lucky enough in Grad school to spend the summer studying in this design mecca, it has captured my heart.  I long to travel there on a regular basis.  I hope that you will enjoy a few images that bring me right back!

Liguria, Italy
Cinque Terre, a definite must when traveling through Italy.  It literally means "five towns".  I highly recommend hiking form town to town through the small path in the cliffs over the Italian Riviera.  It is an amazing experience, but be careful not to fall off the cliff!
Sicily, Italy
Italy, like many European towns has many small paths through the old buildings.  I can't get enough of this amazing architecture!


SO romantic!
The leaning tower of Pisa.
The Italian Riviera, what a view...I would have difficulties leaving this to go to work.

It's hard to beat the gracefulness and elegance of a spiral stair.  It is so dramatic.
A Palladian Villa, can I just live here!!!  How amazing would that be?  Although, I am not sure that I would want my boys swimming in this water.

 Vina Rosa?
the Basillica in Vincenza, Italy
 Andrea Palladio redesigned this public building in the early 1600's adding the famous loggias which I think make the building amazing!  It is in the center of town overlooking the Piazza dei Signori.  The summer I lived in Italy I lived just around the corner from this Piazza and we would meet here and sketch daily.

Enjoying an afternoon Spritz Aperol at the Piazza dei Signori
Our summer class was an amazing group of Architecture & Design students from UF and Mississippi State.  Viva Italiano!!  Ciao Bella!


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