Repurpose Something Old into Something New

If you love sustainable solutions, you will really love these images.  So cleaver and fun...
Bicycle to a Bathroom Sink.
Wouldn't this bicycle vanity be great in a little cottage!

Vespa to a Rolling Chair.

I have a friend who's husband would love to convert her Vespa into something safe like a chair!  Right Caroline?

Climbing Rope to a Chandelier.

Cassette Tapes to a Lighting Fixture.

Card Catalog to a Mini Bar.
This is one of my favorites, what else would you do with an old card catalog?  Most people under a certain age don't even know what a card catalog is!

Tennis Racket to a Mirror.
Washing Machine Drum to a Fire Pit.

Piano to a Fountain,
Liberace beware!
Suitcase to a Chair.
What have you repurposed?  We'd love to know.


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