Fashionable Design: The Common Link

The link between fashion and interior design has always been strong.  We thought it would be fun to explore this idea even further.  Whether preppy and energetic or chic and elegant we love the translations from runway to interiors captured below.
This bold book-matched marble wall is a statement without need of embellishment!
Sassy and bold with a preppy edge!  Classic navy and white will work with any pop of color...try it yourself!
Isn't it interesting how a splash of bold color adds new life and a bit of  youthfulness to just about anything.
I love this room, it has been a favorite of mine for some time now.  The fashion equivalent is also a confident statement of bravado!
Soft and feminine with classic details.
This fashion statement, much like the room, has a feminine softness without being too prissy.
Sleek, modern and classic...I love black and white.  The simple detailing really sets this space and this gown apart from the ordinary.

What elements define your style?


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