The Mighty Chevron

I love the Chevron pattern!  We are seeing it everywhere.  Although this zigzag pattern has been around for centuries, it seems to be making a big comeback.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures of this renewed fresh pattern.   Use it on your walls, floors, accessories or bedding.  It will bring a fresh look to any room.

It makes a modern, bold, fresh statement if you use it in highly contrasting colors.  In a more subdued (monochromatic) color palette, it becomes more textural and soft.
This would be a great DIY project.  Why not update an old piece of furniture or a flea market find?  So easy to do and it makes a one of a kind conversation piece.

Tell us your favorite use of this zigzag pattern.  It has been around since the 1800's but is making a big comeback.  Do you think it is classic or trendy?  Let us know what you think.


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