Captivating Chandeliers

Let there be LIGHT!  Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone.  I don't know about you, but it seems that the holidays are one of the few times each year that we make the effort to use our dining room.  Every year I vow to change that because I so love the more formal dining experience.  One of the most interesting and room defining elements is of course the chandelier.  So while we are gearing up for the holidays why not consider updating your room with a new light.  Here are a few that we think you might like.  Enjoy and happy holidays!

ABC Carpet & Home, NYC: ten floors offering an inspired collection of rugs, furniture, antiques, home textiles, accessories and sustainable furnishings
Lighting stores can be a fun place to inspire your renovation, Home Depot and Lowes might be convenient, but you won't find many interesting fixtures like you can find in a specialty lighting store.  It is worth the trip and price to define your style and bring your room to life!

ABC Carpet & Home, NYC

This is my kind of style a mix of contemporary tailored window treatments with dramatic colors and a touch of crystal, so elegant!
So feminine!   I want to spend the day in this room, a tea party anyone?

Bold and dramatic colors define this space and reflect the homeowners confidence!

This is such a cheerful light fixture and economical too, IKEA has one for a very reasonable price.
It looks like daisys to me.  Try putting it in a dramatic deep colored room for completely different look.

I have always loved this tourquoise light by Currey Lighting, they also have a version of it in green.
Fun contemporary lighting sets this bathroom apart from the ordinary.

Love, love, love this approach, take a simple light and make it dramatic by using it in mass!  A great trick in hospitality environments, but why not use it in your own home.

Talk about creating a focal point, this light and ottoman work together to create magic!

Churuly is an artist with blown glass creations, his work always reminds me of design school and my good friend Caroline.

When in dount, black and white is always a good idea!

Bubble lights create texture and visual interest, just remember to keep the rest of the environment simple and clean.
I hope that these beautiful lights have inspired some ideas for a fun and easy way to update your dining spaces.


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