Plum Perfect!

Fabulous tones of purple and plum are in abundance this year.  We just love this regal color!  Whether used as an accent in a room or in full blown regalia, for a sophisticated update try adding a bit of this fresh color to your space.
Painting your door is always a fun and easy step towards trying out a new color.  It is a small project and can make a dramatic statement.  Give it a try, whether it is the inside or outside of your door, be daring and see what a difference that first impression can make.
Ceilings are often overlooked areas, but are a wonderful playful way to energise a space.  Especially if you like white walls consider adding a little color to your overhead view.  It can be a soft wash of color or an all out bold statement. 

This sofa in a matching plum hue blends into the walls and literally disappears, taking up no visual space.

A small amount of color goes a long way in this bathroom.   Wall color is so easy to change and has the ability to transform a room.  Notice the rest of the materials in this bath are very neutral giving the homeowner lots of room for change over time.

Who says painted cabinets always need to be white!  Don't be afraid to show your personality, especially in your own home.  After all, isn't that where you should really shine!
Whenever you are trying out a new paint color, I suggest that you paint a large swatch of it on the wall in the room of choice and spend a few days seeing how it interacts with the natural and artificial light.  


  1. I absolutely love the purple door! I am sooo into doors! Also I really love when designs engage the ceiling and the floor. They can make such an impact, but are so often forgotten! Great job!


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