Coastal Retreat, Texture and Color

This is the time of the year when our family starts to get excited about beachtime!  My children have been counting down the days until summer and I must admit it, I have been as well.  To me there is nothing that compares with a beach get-away.  It relaxes me and revives my spirit.

Many of our design clients ask us to create coastal inspired spaces in their landlocked homes.  It is a fun and easy assignment that anyone can do.  Color and texture play an important role in this endeavour.

We thought it would be fun to post some interior and exterior spaces that remind us of the coast.  Just bringing in some of the textures and colors that you find at the beach can bring that same vibe to your home or office no matter where you are located.   

Enjoy your upcoming summer days and remember, you don't have to live at the coast to make your home a coastal retreat!


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