Who Doesn't Love Custom?

   My team recently took a field trip to see the work of Alexis Dold, starter of Studio Circle Square, and we were blown away! Alexis built his first piece of furniture when he was 10 years old and his love and talent for the subject has blossomed ever since. He works primarily with wood and steel, focusing on how to unify the contrasting aesthetic possibilities that naturally separate these mediums. The handcrafted work is absolutely stunning! Each piece has its own unique qualities, guaranteeing you your very own custom piece. I love love love the look of live edge wood and antique steel, gorgeous!

   Alexis will be working with us to create a beautiful custom mantel and drink ledge in a pool room for one of our clients. We are so excited to continue this process with him and show off his amazing work!

   These are some of the amazing pieces he's currently working on that we were able to see when visiting his studio. The live edge bench is definitely a favorite of mine, and I am at a loss for words over those awesome tree stumps he's working with!



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