Marble Accents

   A little piece of information about me: I LOVE marble! It is glamorous, elegant, and oh so beautiful. Now unfortunately we can't all have an entire wall of marble in our homes (may or may not be an ultimate dream of mine); however, we absolutely can add some of that luxury in small doses! Marble accent pieces were a major trend in 2016 and are continuing into 2017; they were huge at the 2016 NY NOW showcase. Marble adds so much sophistication to a space and each piece has its own unique colors and veining. 

   As if the beauty doesn't sell itself enough, it's great on your wallet too! Using the stone in small touches rather than entire counter tops or bathtubs gives the same effect, but at a much lower cost. 

Eleni Dinnerware Collection, $136 for set,                                   Raw Edge Onyx Bowl, $365,

Marble Wall Clock, $142.15;  

These are some pieces we are currently loving and using in a couple of our projects!


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