Tailored Looks

Looking for something to spice up your space while keeping it clean and modern? Tailored looks are a booming trend in the design world and are guaranteed to add some extra umph to your space. The look is clean, rhythmic, and eye catching. This design trend can work for both masculine and feminine spaces, it all depends on the patterns you choose. In our commercial spaces we love to use this look on carpet designs. Having the floor be the main location for pattern is a great idea for a space. It adds a lot to your room without overpowering it. When using a pattern such as these on the floor you want to keep the furniture and wall articulations light and simplistic.

Another strategy is to use wall frame molding. This technique adds a bit of fancy to your space.

You can also accomplish this look in your home! Remember the idea is to go for rhythm and modern. Geometric patterns work really well for achieving this, and you can mix them up as well. Not over doing the patterns however is key. You want one or two main areas of focus with simple solids surrounding the rest of the area. 



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