How to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger!

When tackling the design of a small space it can be hard to decide what kinds of furniture, decor, and wall articulations to use in order to make the space appear bigger. Small spaces can make you feel uncomfortable or anxious, and the interior design of the space can dramatically change that. Whether you are designing a space in your home, apartment, or even your dorm in college it's all about illusion!

Mirrors are a small rooms best friend!

Mirrors reflect light throughout a room which helps brighten and make the space feel brighter. Hang your mirror across from a window in order to achieve maximum light. Another good spot would be across from a doorway. This will give your room the perception of more depth. 

Hike up your curtains

Curtains bring a lot into a space: texture, pattern, color, movement. Hang your curtain rod closest to the ceiling. This draws your eye up making the room appear taller. Also, extend your curtain rod past the window width. This will keep the majority of the window uncovered, making it look bigger and allow in the maximum amount of light. 

Less is more

Over decorating is the biggest mistake you can make in your small room. Remove the clutter and minimize your decor. Eliminate any furnishings that are not necessary, maximize their storage capabilities, and opt for only one focal point in the room. 

Show some legs

Adding furniture with legs is another psychological approach to making your space seem larger. When our eyes can see under, through, or past furniture it makes it feel like there is more room. Opt for furniture that is lighter in scale with slender legs. Glass is another good option!

Bigger makes it bigger

Believe it or not, bigger makes it bigger! When it comes to artwork that is. A giant piece of art can be a central focus in the room. It defines the space and will distract you form the small scale of the room. Similar to the trick with your curtains, it draws the eye up making the room also feel taller. 


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