Seaside Inspired

Whether you live right on the water or miles from it, a seaside inspired space will make anyone feel like they live in a serene oasis they can call home. A touch of cool blues and greens and even pure neutral tones such as white, cream or beige add a calming, chic effect to any space.

The added texture really provides the warmth needed for this clean white focal point.
Accessories such as these accentuate the seaside feel and better yet, they are easy enough to find.

Coral colors also allows for a seaside feel without going overboard.
Play around with accessories and patterns to illustrate the type of seaside environment you desire. They can  provide just the right amount of texture, as well as character to your space. A simple change of atmosphere can lead you to a more calming lifestyle!  

We'd love to hear what you have tried to bring this fabulous seaside lifestyle into your home.


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