Countdown to Olympics: Fabulous London Interiors

Since we aren't lucky enough to be in London for the Olympic games, we thought it might be fun to  check out the design style of London's own Kelly Hoppen.  She is an amazing Interior Designer, known for her modern sophisticated style.  I hope you enjoy our look at a few of her beautiful interiors and perhaps find a few ideas for bringing a clean modern aesthetic into your own home.
Wouldn't it be fun to have a swing in your house?  I know my boys would love it!!  This bubble swing adds a stylish and sheek element to this room.  
Kelly likes to use high contrast elements to add drama to her spaces.  A simple change in flooring draws the focus to the bath.  I love the connection between the dark flooring and the ribbed white wall accent.  The all white wall would seem too naked without it.  
Kelly Hoppen is as beautiful as her interiors.  Notice the row of herbs in the backround.  Something as simple as tin containers with herbs from the garden can create a colorful arrangement on the counter.  Try this next time you entertain and need to add a bit of color and fragrance.  The bowl of lemons also looks refreshing.  Without these elements this kitchen may seem too cold and sterile.  It does not take much to make a dramatic change, just a quick trip to the grocery store or the garden!

The oversized buttons on the pillows add a bit of playfulness.  
I love this room!!  Mostly white with another simple collection to bring in color.  Whenever you try a collection of elements, it is good to use an odd number, three pots with grass in this case.

Fabulous bookcases, on the diagonal! This would be an easy room to change with a pop of any color in accessories.

Kelly is really a master at displaying collections.  To me the key is simplicity.  Less is more.

This is the same room seen above with the swing, but from another vantage point.  The beams and metal ties are so beautiful and rustic.

Soooo simple!

 I hope that you will be inspired to try adding a few graphic elements to your rooms.  Let us know how you keep things simple and inspiring in your home.  To see more of this fabulous British designer visit her website @


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