Coverings, a great show!

One of the things I love about being a designer is the access we have to great industry shows and events.  Coverings, which takes place every Spring in Orlando, Florida is one of my favorites. Here representatives from around the world showcase amazing tile, stone and other hard surface products.  They make it easy to travel from country to country to see what new products are avilable for our design projects.    This year I traveled with Alex, my fabulous intern, to see what they had to offer.  Here are a few of the items that caught our eye.  (Excuse the photography, I took them with my i-phone.)

Great texture always draws my eye!

This is the same stone as Geodes.

A glass-slab backed with hand applied silver leaf, this picture does not do it justice.  It was GORGEOUS!

I love back-lit Onyx!

This company is taking concrete tiles to a new level!

Tile that resembles wood planks were a very popular item.  This type of product has come a long way, it is very realistic.  This particular tile has a rectified edge so that it requires very little grout, which further sells the wood-look.  Imagine a wood plank floor with the durability of tile, FABULOUS!

Three dimensional and glowing, this tile drew quite a crowd.

No words are necessary, fabulous!!

Nice modern shower, great combination of textures and color.

This is tile not leather, it reminds me of shop class in the 7th grade!  In the right space this would be gorgeous!

Love this vanity.

I hope that you have seen some products that will inspire your next renovation project.  Whatever products you choose, make sure that it represents you!


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