Hospitality Design...the WOW factor!

I love Hospitality Design.  For me it is an "escape from the mundane world of everyday life".  As designers we are often given permission to be extravagant.  I call it the WOW factor, an environment that you are drawn to both visually and physically.  The element, or often elements, that create that "WOW" are as varied as the environments they create.  IT is all about the lifestyle/personna of the business itself, creating an opportunity to express that corporate identity visually.  The discovery of this personna is part of the pleasure of visiting the space, it sometimes unfolds and reveals itself slowly (subtly) and other times it hits you from the moment you approach (the WOW).

These are a few of our favorites, I hope that they intrigue and inspire you as they have inspired us.
The overscaled red light fixtures and beaded texture on the  dark zebrawood bar front balance each other beauitifully.
I love the lighting and color of this bar area.  It feels like a wave that is approaching...creating visual tension and excitement!
The textures used in this Swizerland eatery are warm and inviting, paired with the overscaled black hanging pendants they provide just the right amount of contrast to bring this space to life.
Simplicity paired with a bold ceiling element.  The lighting becomes a sculptural element.

blue fin sestaurant group, yabu pushellberg designer
Lighting and texture create a dynamic focal point on this restaurant wall., nobu restaurant
Bubble lights conceptually represent a  Japanese flower garden., nobu restaurant
Love the graphic quality of this space, black and white with a touch of red!
Large scale yellow lantern style lights steal the show at this restaurant.
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What hospitality spots inspire you?  Do you have any favorites?  If so, we would love to hear from you.


  1. Love the graphic quality of this space, black and white with a touch of red! What hospitality spots inspire you?
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